It is amazing… (Yes it is all Russia’s fault!)

Twelve years I have lived in a country that is the largest on earth:

Traveling Russia to sightsee is an undertaking of magnanimous proportions. I know, I have traveled many many thousands of kilometers around Russia. It is simply massive and beautiful to boot…

But: It has dawned on me that Russia is just not a huge country. It is a country, by the admission of the USA itself, the most powerful and sneaky country on earth. I am proud to be in a country so magnanimous in all aspects. Why Russia is even more powerful than North Korea and we all know that North Korea can take over America easily. Just ask Hollywood!

Red Dawn is a movie just about that subject and why they even remade that movie, it is so important for us Americans to know about how powerful North Korea is. Yes I know Russia helped a little bit, but it is NK that set America back a hundred years in progress. But thank god for teenagers to save the day and get us back on track, right?

Therefore, I have been living in not just the biggest country on earth, but I have been living in the most powerful country ever in history. Why Russia rules the cyber waves of our lives, they have sneaky weapons of mass destruction that will dissolve your American brains into mush, they infiltrate all aspects of American life (from government to your neighbor,) they even elected our president and our only recourse is that we have to sue them. Now I understand that Russia has infiltrated Britain and Britain has become completely under Russian control, as has the USA!

I just contemplated how powerful Russia is today:

Russia is blamed for…

Europe’s refugee crisis, Brexit, Putin’s Popularity, Judo Popularity (Putin’s fault for that.), Russian language, Marine Le Pen, German Elections, French Elections, American Elections, Wikileaks, Snowden, Snowflakes (pun intended), Hillary Clinton and her personality, Swedish Parliament are blaming Russia for crimes by migrants, the Weather, ISIS, in the way of western world domination…

Just pop into Google the term “US blames Russia” and you will see….at least on my Google search…
“US blames Russia for Skripal attack”
“US Blames Russia Instead of Facing ‘Decline in the American”
“US blames Russia for power grid cyberattacks”
“US blames Russia for US-Turkey tensions”
“allowing Americans to have names like “billy-bob””
“breaking of the peace treaty in Ukraine”
“USA: Russia blamed for ‘chemical weapons attack’ by Syrian regime”
“breaking of the peace treaty in Syria”
“breaking of the peace treaty in Afghanistan”
“the murder of their own diplomats”
“US blames Russia for rise in violence in Ukraine”
“the almost murder of the Skripal’s”
“the drugging of the Philippines President to wake up and see the atrocities’ the US have done.
“Allowing American FAT men to wear the high waisted trousers to pretend they are thin”
“the rise of autism in the US”
“the collapse of people’s intelligence in the US”
“the disintegration of the US infrastructure”
“US blames Russia for the sonic attacks on American diplomats in Cuba”
“the increased number of the global population that awaits the American collapse”

Last I will post, but definitely not all and not least, “Russia elected Trump!”

I truly live in the most powerful and commanding country in the world and first hand I get to experience the most powerful man to live on earth. Be it in the past and modern times, “Putin!”

I feel blessed that I have survived this long under such power and evil. I, as a weak and powerless American have stayed quiet and never left my home for one minute. Like 99% of the journalists writing about Russia. I have never lived in a Russian Village. I have never attempted to meet the Russians, for fear of my life…

Russians are just too scary and powerful… 😉

Oh wait! I have lived in a Russian Village and I have traveled Russia and I do know about Russian first hand. Yes, it is one damn big country and I doubt anyone could ever see all that is has to offer for sights and life experiences, but evil and world dominating, Russia is not and does not want to be…

Yes Russia did it:

Russia had the sweetest little gal in the world, who wanted to stay in Russia and I came to stay with her…

I blame it all on Russia. Russia kidnapped me, tied me up, tortured me, put me in Siberia (Gulag,) and cut my tongue out, as they ripped out my fingernails and kept me prisoner with a sexy Russia babe….All with massive mind control…

Yes it is Russia’s fault…


A survivor of six heart attacks and a brain tumor, a grumpy bear of a man, whom has declared Russia as his new and wonderful home. His wife is a true Russian Sweet Pea of a girl and she puts up with this bear of a guy and keeps him in line. Thank God for my Sweet Pea and Russia.