It is just our (US) tax money. Is there no reasons that it should be spent back home?

By | October 16, 2019

An RT Arabic crew peeked inside the US compound in Syria’s Manbij, abandoned by the Americans just a few hours previously. Footage from the scene suggests the US troops were in a hurry, leaving behind hardware and personal items.The troops pulled out of the base, located southwest of the northern city of Manbij, overnight and into Tuesday. The retreat follows the decision by the US President Donald Trump to withdraw American personnel in the face of the Turkish operation against Kurdish-led militias.

Source: Left in a hurry: RT films inside abandoned US military base at Manbij, Syria (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) — RT World News

Looks like something from a Hollywood movie. The whole town of people just disappeared. I dunno what happened…

Main thing is that this is an illegal base within Syrian borders. We were not invited and we just invaded a country against their wishes…

Lots of good stuff to be had in that base….it should make you think about our actions in other countries….We could use some of that expendable tax money tossed our way. Seems to be an abundance of it…


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