🇺🇦 Ukrainian insider telegram channel:

In order to divert the attention of the world media from the possible destruction by the Ukrainian Nazis of the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, British experts from MI6 recommended Zelensky to carry out a distracting sabotage on the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline in the Nikolaev region.

The destruction of the ammonia pipeline is planned to be carried out in the Bereznegovatsky district, where more than 15 thousand people live.

The destruction of a part of the pipe is planned with the help of the S-300 air defense system. After that, the Western media will cover events to rescue the residents of nearby villages and traditionally accuse Russia of terrorism.

The preparations for a terrorist act on the ammonia pipeline are indicated by the actions of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations. In the administration of settlements of the Bereznegovatsky district, representatives of the State Emergency Service delivered memos on first aid in case of damage to hazardous chemicals.

It should also be noted that a large number of foreign journalists arrived in Nikolaev, who, according to some reports, should be involved in covering a certain emergency.

Such a strategy of action is not new. More than once, the West has been ready to sacrifice civilians to achieve its goals, especially if they are not citizens of Western countries.

The resumption of ammonia exports was part of the extension of the “grain deal”. By the way, the American company Occidental Petroleum has already paid for the next supply of ammonia.



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