It will be back, King Corona is not done!

By | May 19, 2020

European countries should brace themselves for a deadly second wave of coronavirus infections because the pandemic is not over, the World Health Organisation’s top official in Europe has said. In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Dr Hans Kluge, director for the WHO European region, delivered a stark warning to countries beginning to ease their lockdown restrictions, saying that now is the “time for preparation, not celebration”. Dr Kluge stressed that, as the number of cases of Covid-19 in countries such as the UK, France and Italy was beginning to fall, it did not mean the pandemic was coming to an end. The epicentre of the European outbreak is now in the east, with the number of cases rising in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, he warned….

Source: Exclusive: Second more deadly wave of coronavirus ‘to hit Europe this winter’

I for one, agree with WHO, and even if it waits silently until next winter, it will rear its head again. This is a worldwide pandemic and nothing but a worldwide pandemic, and will return suddenly sometime later this year, just like the Spanish flu did around a hundred years ago. Therefore, emerge from this lockdown now, get our asses in gear and this time get prepared. Like with Polio unless there is a actual vaccine, things will never be the same. The difference is that we will have no excuse for not preparing for the next round of King Coronavirus. I could be wrong, yet I wish to be wrong, but we will have the equipment/infrastructure in place should a similar pandemic occur in the future. If I am right no one including any government will have an excuse for a repeat of the many blunders, intentional or not, that have been laid out for all to see during the past few months. black and white, we now know what to expect. Previously the effects were known but ignored, but if it comes back, there will be absolutely no excuse or way for the government & so called experts to hide behind the “she did, he did, they did, WHO and China did” mantra of games that they are currently using to try to salvage and save face…

If anything has come clear about all that has happened, it is that most governments are ill prepared to help and defend the simple people of their country. The system is based only on profits, not human life and preservation…

What do I believe about King Corona?

Does not matter!

But it is, even if they try to play games about it, a serious issue. Too many people I know about are suffering and or their families are suffering from this virus. If anything, we are definitely not getting the truth about it and sooner or later we will pay the piper…

I know one thing….I do not want my sweetpea and her family and or me and my family to get it and being smart is the smart thing to do…


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