Jan Bednar: Hunger Strike Over Radar Base in Czech!

Jan Bednar on the right!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee & reading an article about the:

The hunger strikes in the Czech Republic, that the government is acting undemocratically in refusing to consult the public on the issue, even though the latest opinion polls show that 65 per cent of Czechs are against the radar base.

Jan Bednar from the ‘No to the Base’ campaign group has lost 10 kilograms in weight in just over two weeks. His liver is failing and jaundice is setting in, so doctors are urging him to end his hunger strike. But he’s refusing. He may look weak, but his will is strong.


Seems that there are some issues that America has caused in the Czech Government structure. Wonder how much money the Czech Government was bribed with by the USA to put in a Radar Base?

Poland, I think is holding out for much more money than Czech did!

I think that this is called buying your friends, so do not miss a payment…… 🙂

Kyle & Svet

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