Just Leave North Korea Alone…

By | November 7, 2017

[contentcards url=”https://tradworker.org/2017/11/korean-war-ii/”]

We imposed crippling sanctions on a mountainous and rocky nation with poor soil that’s necessarily a food importer, then pitch hysterical propaganda to our own citizenry about the maniacal Kim Jong-il starving his own people. We’ve consistently said and demonstrated that we’re waiting for a single crack in their military defense infrastructure to invade and conquer their country, then mock them for their outsized military expenditures. Finally, we’ve established a clear precedent of only menacing non-aligned nations that don’t have a nuclear repellant, …then accuse the DPRK of planning to blow up the world for scrambling around in top secret mountainside tunnels to develop the one thing that can truly guarantee that they’ll be safe.

Read More…. https://tradworker.org/2017/11/korean-war-ii/

You might not like what it says, but I think it is fairly accurate…

America, please leave North Korea alone. They just want peace and quiet to live life their way, not our way…


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