Just to put the current conflict in Ukraine into perspective:

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In 1991 Iraq, USA has fired 60,000 rounds for the entire gulf war.

Russia fires this in one day.

The NATO industrial base is not capable of such production numbers.

Europe is not capable of producing an arsenal capable to stand up to the Russian military.

Expert opinion:
According to ex-US marine corp officer Scott Ritter, the British would run out of ammunition in 2 weeks in a war against Russia. Scott Ritter said they would “not even last 2 weeks because they’d lose their entire army by then.”

According to Scott, NATO has been demilitarized. Even the United States,
According to Scott, has run out of rounds for their most important systems which are meant to break down the russian military — in event of conflict.

Scott says that the Russian military, according to leaked documents by Ukrainian ministry of defense itself — inflicted 250,000 casualties onto the Ukrainians. This is 3x the size of Britain’s entire standing army.

Scott estimates that before the war, no European military would stand in a conflict with the Ukrainian army. He explains that the Ukrainian military would decimate Poland, Germany, Romania, etc.

Having internal knowledge due to his US military background/connections, Scott is aware of the level of support, training and supplies to the Ukrainian military since 2014. Scott describes the pre-2022 Ukrainian military as best combat equipped in Europe with more battle experience than any other army in Europe.

Scott Ritter estimates 15,000 combined casualties for Russia and its allies, this is inline with our previous estimation.

Ukrainians are losing thousands of men without ever seeing a Russian soldier face to face. This is inline with the videos we saw from various Ukrainian units who refused to fight and called on the Ukrainian authorities to pull them out of battle. They said the exact same thing. The casualty ratio between Russia and Ukraine is simply jaw dropping. These are numbers we have not seen in modern history.

Russia is doing this with 200k men, a peace time economy. Russia has not mobilized. Russia has employed 20% of its capability.

One more thing to add: while looking at maps, we only see “small advance” arrows. Small advance arrows accomplish one thing, they demilitarize Ukraine and inflict heavy casualties on the Ukrainians without putting Russian lives at danger. Russia is not on a timed schedule here. They have no reason to rush. Anyone who studied history, especially WW2 battles — is aware that big arrow map moves cost big casualties. Thousands of men die. There’s simply no reason for this. In fact, the longer Russia drags this out, the more they demilitarize Europe and drain the United States military supplies and funds.

At the same time, the Russian military is now the most combat experienced military in the world. The longer this drags on, the more soldiers get combat experience due to rotations. The more pilots get to perfect their skills, navy, intelligence, etc.

No modern military has fought a war even remotely similar to the Ukrainian war. This is not a war where the enemy gets bombed to oblivion by aviation, cities get turned into rubble and soldier then move in like heroes with minimal resistance— this is ground warfare in its purest form; artillery battles, territorial conquest. This is where individual skills and strategy are crucial.

The world has not seen anything like this since WW2. Russia will demilitarize Ukraine. Russia will reach its goals. No magical weapon can change that. No one with military background doubts this.



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