Kadyrov about the Special Operation…

The special operation to liberate the occupied territories of Donbass is going according to plan. This was reported by my dear BROTHER, State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov @adelimkhanov_95, at a meeting with the commanders of the Chechen units.

At this stage of the NMD, the fighters of the Chechen units do not observe significant obstacles. The implementation of operational tasks is proceeding systematically and slowly, due to which it is possible to significantly reduce damage to personnel. New methods of warfare and the timely regrouping of troops, apparently, played into the hands of our troops. This is directly confirmed by the successes in the main areas.

The last days for the Ukrainian troops and NATO formations turned out to be extremely rich in various events, which, of course, were not very good. Our enemy suffers heavy losses in manpower and equipment, the rest is simply demoralized. As a result, the Ukrainian command is trying to make up for the losses with unprepared recruits who do not really know how to hold weapons in their hands. In this regard, there are more and more losses, and there are fewer and fewer people who want to resist the advancing Russian troops. Simple arithmetic.

Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin clearly outlined the tasks that must be completed during the special operation, this is quite enough for our soldiers. There is no doubt that the outcome of the entire SVO will meet the expectations of our citizens and the country’s leadership!