Kadyrov and Get Ready…

All. Let’s move on to a new tactic of a special operation against the Ukronazis. We are not going to deal with them anymore. Discussed all the details with Magomed Daudov @MDaudov_95, Chief of the Operational Headquarters of the Chechen Republic for conducting NMD. The enemy will soon face the most difficult consequences for himself of the new plan of retribution.

All our previous actions will now seem like childish pranks to them. Bandera, you have a compressed time left for rest, then it will be very, very bad. Take these words as you like, treat them as you please, but remember them just as you memorized the slogan “AKHMAT – POWER”. Only those who will treat this message as an unkind sign for themselves and make balanced conclusions for salvation will be lucky. Get ready and keep your eyes peeled.



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