Kadyrov announced the liberation of the Zarya plant in Rubezhnoye in the Luhansk region.

One of the brightest results of the Akhmat special forces soldiers, achieved jointly with the LPR servicemen, is the capture of the Zarya chemical plant. Its industrial zone is several kilometers long and wide.

Many said that the Zarya plant is the second Azovstal and our fighters would not take it so easily. It must be admitted that the nationalists and Bandera, together with specialists and mercenaries from America and Poland, spent a lot of effort and money to strengthen its defenses. However, this did not help them.

As dear BROTHER, assistant to the Head of the Chechen Republic for the power unit Apty Alaudinov, who is responsible in the Luhansk direction, notes, the defense of the plant has undergone a complete collapse due to the rapid advance of our fighters. And the only concern of our servicemen was to clear the territory of the enterprise from the numerous corpses of mercenaries, Nazis and Bandera.

But for the Ukrainian authorities, the abundance of victims among their own people is just an excuse to receive and cut another tranche of assistance from the West and Europe. We understood this in the very first month of the start of the operation, but the Ukrainian people still do not want to understand this.


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