Kadyrov has another message…

The fighters of the special police regiment named after Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic, who, under the command of dear BROTHER, Hero of Russia Zamid Chalaev, liberated Kamyshevakha from armed nationalist formations, are already ready to proceed to the next stage of the offensive mission.

According to Zamid Chalaev from the scene, the day before they defeated the formations of the territorial defense and special operations forces of Ukraine in the amount of 58 people. In the coming days, our special forces will begin to liberate Lisichansk. To do this, they have all the necessary resources and capabilities. Despite the fierce resistance of the nationalist junta, our fighters do not even think of turning away from their intended goal. Therefore, we can only wait for their next victory.

I wish Zamid Chalaev and all the personnel of the special forces bright successes in their further offensive work! I am sure that in the near future we will win a confident victory over the enemy and free the inhabitants of Lisichansk from the nationalist and Bandera oppression.



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