Kadyrov is “busy as a bee” on Telegram…

Chechen units, together with other military formations of Russia and the LPR, are conducting a massive offensive against the positions of Ukrainian nationalists. Using new tactics, they have become even more effective at destroying enemy vehicles and defensive positions.

This is most clearly evidenced by the successes of the fighters under the leadership of my dear BROTHER, Hero of Russia, commander of subdivisions Zamid Chalaev. Its commanders Musa Akhmatov and Timur Ibriev are also distinguished by high combat effectiveness.

Along with the destruction of enemy manpower, our fighters significantly replenish their ammunition through captured weapons. As practice shows, no matter how modern weapons nationalists and Bandera are equipped with, in the event of an offensive by our fighters, they immediately drop everything that prevents them from escaping from inevitable punishment. But punishment overtakes everyone. You won’t get far!



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