Kadyrov on capturing of Maryinsky, Ukraine…

There is great news from the NWO zone, namely, from the Maryinsky direction! Soldiers of the Sever-Akhmat Special Forces Regiment named after the Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov of the Russian Defense Ministry stormed the stronghold, including fortified positions. Most of the enemy manpower was destroyed, an impressive number of AFU soldiers were taken prisoner.

This node of resistance was equipped and consisted entirely of a line of trenches, camouflaged dugouts, rifle defensive structures and was located in an area advantageous to the enemy. The capture of the fortified area is a brilliant result of our soldiers. This line of defense was strategically important and its capture is a significant success on the Maryinsky Front.

Please note that under enemy shelling, Chechens provide first aid to prisoners. Literally a few minutes earlier, these persons, counting on the mercy of the victors, fired at our soldiers, and after the battle they save their lives. An indicative picture, clearly illustrating the sides of evil and good.

I am grateful to the soldiers of the Sever-Akhmat special forces regiment and its commander, Zaindi Zingiev, for the brilliant, tactically planned and executed operation! Victory will be ours, otherwise nothing! And may Allah bless you, BROTHERS!



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