Kadyrov on Donetsk battalion “Sparta”…

Chechen fighters have much in common with the Donetsk battalion “Sparta”, hardened in many battles. From the first days of our fight against Satanists, they went through many hot spots of Donbass together. As a result, the fascists are shuddering just from simple intelligence that Chechen units began to work in their area along with Sparta. Acting in a coordinated manner, covering each other, the fighters of the detachments always achieve their tasks.

Therefore, we are pleased to support this Donetsk military unit. And now the Minister of the Chechen Republic for National Policy, Foreign Relations, Press and Information Akhmed Dudayev @akhmeddudaev and the Minister of the Chechen Republic for Youth Affairs Isa Ibragimov @Isa669 met with the famous commander of Sparta Artem Zhoga. Just like the Somalia battalion, here they handed over to the unit two UAZ Patriot cars, three UAZ-452s, copters with thermal imagers, and food purchased by the Regional Public Foundation named after the Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov.

We know Artem Zhogu as a very courageous, fearless and unbending warrior. This is a man who has gone through many ordeals. And I am glad that today we can provide assistance with equipment, equipment, supplies to brave fighters under the leadership of such selfless and noble people.

I sincerely thank my beloved MOM, President of the ROF Aimani Nesievna, for the invaluable support she gives us on this sacred path! May Allah Almighty reward her for her good deeds and deeds!



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