Kadyrov on getting ready for winter…

At an expanded meeting in the Government of the Chechen Republic, they discussed the readiness of the housing and communal services of the region for the upcoming autumn-winter period.

The corresponding report was made by the Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities of the Chechen Republic Muslim Zaipullayev. As of October 14, readiness for all items for the upcoming season is 100%. Also, all works on the replacement of networks in apartment buildings have been completed. At the same time, 64 utility facilities were provided with backup sources of power supply, including 50 heat supply facilities, 18 water supply and sanitation facilities, and others.

An identical situation is observed in the fuel and energy complex. To date, the implementation of planned activities is also 100%. In case of unforeseen situations, repair teams with the appropriate machinery and equipment have been put up.

There are no serious problems in the area of ​​health care. After the preparatory work for the OZP, almost all healthcare facilities have been fully prepared.

During the meeting, the topic of implementation of large investment projects was discussed in detail. All work is progressing according to schedule. One of the main projects is the airport named after the Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov. It includes both the construction of a new airport terminal, runway, and the reconstruction of an existing one. I instructed Muslim Khuchiev to come to grips with attracting the necessary funds and resources.

We did not bypass the topic of NWO in Ukraine. I noted the successes of our fighters on the front line. With what courage and bravery they fight, causes in us only admiration and pride. Earlier, I gave instructions to establish the award “Hero of the Chechen Republic”, which will fully appreciate the feat of our guys. Work in this direction has also been done. Soon we will celebrate distinguished fighters with a new award.

At the end of the meeting, he thanked those present for the good results in the areas they supervise. Wish you good luck and success.



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