Kadyrov on his tough brave men…

*Warning not for the faint of heart!*

Soldiers of the West-Akhmat and Vostok-Akhmat battalions of the Russian Defense Ministry, under the leadership of commanders Ismail Aguev and Aslambek Saliyev, are giving a tough rebuff to the ukro-fascist formations on the line of contact.

But here, in the frames, that’s not the point. You just look at these cold-blooded faces. At first glance, you might think that the guys are just slightly injured, but all subsequent shooting speaks for itself.

They don’t need comments.

I know that the spectacle is not for the faint of heart, but this is the spirit, character, stamina of the Chechen fighter. A good example of the courage and fearlessness of our guys. In the field, a wounded soldier is operated on without anesthesia. In another case, there is also an injured warrior who does not betray his condition in any way, showing iron restraint. Even in this situation, their fighting spirit is kept at the highest level. They pay absolutely no attention to the wounds, so each of them burns with the desire to finish off the fascist.

For such true heroic sons of the Chechen people, we will not regret anything. Without a doubt, we will take full care of these guys. Neither they nor their children will ever need anything. We will provide them with everything they need in this life.

And, of course, even just before one of their feats, our common sacred duty is to bring the NWO to a victorious end. For the sake of these guys, for the sake of all mankind, for the sake of their descendants and their future!



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