Kadyrov on moving forward…

War, special operation, combat mission – whatever it is called, the participants must understand that there will always be some problems, questions, shortages, failures. There is a written theory, and there is an unpredictable practice. According to this practice and the law of meanness, something happens at the most inopportune moment.

I have dedicated my entire life to the military. I grew up on this. And always, no matter how scrupulously you worked out a combat mission the day before, on the second day it was always torn where it was thin. This is inevitable in a combat situation.

Therefore, I appeal to individual fighters on the front line. Having a connection does not mean that you need to voice and scatter internal issues on social networks. They will always be! When you suddenly see a video with complaints of a negligent soldier, you want to ask, do you think that in a war there is always enough and plenty of everything?

The warrior does not shout – the warrior decides. It is necessary to look for a solution to the problem, and not gather in a bunch and write public appeals. Out of ammo? And why didn’t he warn the superior officer in advance that they were running out? A good fighter doesn’t run out of ammo for no reason. Endure now at least a day, find yourself another task.

Did you get a combat mission card? Move on, fighter! Execution depends on you. Think, distribute forces and opportunities, and do not stand with your mouth open. No one will run after you with zinc cartridges and dry rations to hand them exactly at the moment when yours run out. Yes, it sounds harsh, but this is a war, not a resort. Do you think it’s easy to get a Hero star? An-no! It is just given to those who do not cry on camera and struggle with all obstacles.

And remember, the results of the SVO are not only needed by one president. This SVO is primarily aimed at ensuring the integrity and security of the entire country, and not just one person. He and so does everything possible and impossible.
Today, Russia alone is fighting not only the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv. Under the guise of Ukraine and its gene pool, the entire NATO bloc, the European Union is fighting against us, supplying weapons, ammunition, equipment, and mercenaries.

Russia is under sanctions. And look: the economy and the social sector are stable, the ruble is getting stronger, there is no panic, indignation, the shelves in the stores are full. Everyone in their place works smoothly and flawlessly like clockwork: businessmen, bank employees, State Duma deputies, civil servants of the Presidential Administration, the Government, officers of the General Staff. The Minister of Defense and his deputies are on combat duty 24 hours a day and promptly resolve a whole stream of issues that arise every minute.

Today the situation both in the country and in the ranks of our combat units is many times better than it was a year ago. We are moving forward in every way. Although I am a supporter of quick forced actions in Ukraine, the current tactics of the General Staff are very deliberate and sparing. A year ago, we liberated large territories from the fascists, not thinking that they would later have to be held with difficulty. Now we are liberating with minimal casualties and competently fortifying ourselves. This is a wise tactic.

I am very proud of the volunteers who come every day to the Russian University of Special Forces. They are trained, dressed, given the necessary ammunition. The Ministry of Defense provides everyone with the necessary set of weapons and ammunition. This is what real men are, who do not complain, but make NATO mercenaries complain. And do not be afraid of mobilization. You can be called up in the support unit if you do not know how to hold a weapon. They are also fighters. And to them also praise and honor.

Do not listen to any pro-Western media that wants to put the Russian army in a shameful light. If everything in its ranks is so terrible, then why can’t the whole NATO bloc cope with us? It’s all right folks, don’t worry. Mistakes have been taken into account, tactics are working, the country is developing. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief keeps his finger on the pulse and will not give offense to the Fatherland. And we, men and warriors, must defend the integrity and security of our Motherland. Thanks to Vladimir Vladimirovich, we have cleansed the Chechen Republic of terrorists and bandits, and now we will be able to remove Satanists from Ukraine all the more!