Kadyrov on “No peace negotiations with Satanists!”

The outrageous case of the burning of the Koran in Volgograd, organized by the Ukrainian special services, caused great outrage in the Muslim community. In Grozny, about 60 thousand people came to the rally to express their indignation at this blasphemous act and to express their tough position.

The Chechens and the entire Muslim world will not silently endure the crimes against Islam, which are organized by henchmen of the satanic West and Europe. By organizing this cynical provocation in Volgograd, the Ukrainian special services and their Western patrons only strengthened our desire to smash the servants of Iblis – Satanists and shaitans. The West wanted to quarrel us inside Russia, but it turned out the other way around – we hate it even more and Western mercenaries will feel this anger.

All these actions only unite the peoples of Russia. We were and remain its faithful defenders and will defend the interests of our state in the same way as the Russian state defends our Islamic values today! We will crush this evil spirits like annoying bugs. We will become a wall, protecting our great Motherland, which honors the traditions of the peoples, protects their spiritual values.

No peace negotiations with Satanists! Until these provocateurs kneel, repent and apologize to the entire Muslim world, there will be no talk of peace negotiations! And they will have to ask, because for us the fight against Satanism will not end in Ukraine alone! They will beg for it!