Kadyrov on Putin’s birthday, Oct. 7th, 2022 – 70 years old…

Discussed with members of the organizing committee the preparations for the celebration of October 5, City Day, Teacher’s Day, Chechen Youth Day, as well as the most important event to be held on October 7 – the anniversary of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I stressed that on the upcoming dates we have no moral right not to celebrate our soldiers who are fulfilling their professional duty to protect the interests of the Motherland. Therefore, the cultural and festive program should be dedicated to their feat. The repertoire must include only those compositions that sing of our heroes, their valor, courage, nobility, spirit and courage. It is important that artists and groups alternate with the performances of the younger generation. We have tens of thousands of children dedicated poems to their fearless fathers. It will be very good if at least some of them will sound at the concert evening. This issue has already been taken under control by the Minister of Culture of the Chechen Republic, Aishat Kadyrova.

Our most massive events are timed to coincide with the birthday of the head of state. On this day, we will open the Vladimir Putin Olympic Judo Training Center and the Minutka multifunctional complex. There will also be horse races dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the President of the Russian Federation, a motorcycle and bicycle race, the championship and cup of Russia in circuit racing, a presentation of the construction project for the Government Complex and other events.

All the peoples of Russia are very lucky to have a president. Vladimir Vladimirovich is the number one patriot in our country. And there is no exaggeration in these words. The way Vladimir Putin worries about our Motherland, no one worries. At the last speech during the signing of agreements on joining Russia with the LPR, DPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, the entire speech of the president was literally permeated with love, feelings and pride for the Fatherland. And he spoke at the same time about the most important thing – about the need to observe and preserve family values, the protection of religion, homeland, people.

That is why, celebrating the 70th anniversary of our President, we show the whole world how much we appreciate him, how dear he is to us, that we are ready to follow him to the bitter end! And we show it and will prove it to all enemies!



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