Kadyrov on Serbia and he knows…

Together with everyone, I follow Serbia and Kosovo. This is a very complex situation in which there is a third party of instigators – NATO.

On this issue, it is impossible to take the side of either the Serbs or the Kosovars, but there is an unequivocal position that both should take. And this position, oddly enough, is not political, but religious. The time has come when confessional consensus should be the solution to the crisis.

Serbia is a country that openly supported Russia in the fight against Nazism and Satanism in Ukraine. Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, whom I know well, understands very well what NATO is and what methods the alliance uses to foment conflicts. Within a few months of the NWO in Ukraine, we have witnessed how the worst manifestations of Satanism – ardent fascism, absolute godlessness, black cynicism and aggressive LGBT propaganda – have come to the surface, like a ripe pimple. The entire NATO bloc is trying to corrupt countries with traditional values ​​into a bunch of wicked people with animal instincts without religion and honor. And there is no doubt that the Muslims in this special operation against the adherents of Iblis play an important, ideological and spiritual role of counteraction.

Realizing that in Ukraine their plans are failing, the Western alliance decided to pick at the wound healing in the Balkans. And it is doubly insulting that on one of the sides, which NATO is inciting, there are Kosovo Muslims. The official reason for the outbreak of the conflict is so ridiculous and banal that there is no doubt about the incitement from outside. And indeed, before the parties had time to discuss anything, NATO is already declaring combat readiness and pulling its forces to the border. In the event of hostilities, the consequences for the Kosovo Muslim Ummah will be deplorable, regardless of the outcome. Yes, there will be a winner – the so-called progressive Europe. While the Balkans will fight among themselves, the entire West will stand behind and give cartridges, but live in peace, occasionally protesting against the infringement of the rights of Satanists, dictating their priorities to the world.

Remember, it is beneficial for the adherents of Satan to pit believers among themselves under any pretext, so that in the end those who, upon the coming of the savior Isa (Jesus) ï·º, will have to stand under his banner and overthrow the Dajjal (Antichrist) die with him.

I urge Serbs and Kosovo Albanians to remove the NATO Iblis from the equation and think about their future. And then there will be an understanding of the problem and its solution.

There are excellent examples of coexistence in harmony of different religions and nationalities. But there is no example of good coexistence with the NATO interventionists.



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