Kadyrov on the Vatican and Pope…

Assalamu alaikum, friends!

The Pope called the Chechens and Buryats the most cruel in the Russian army.

I could spitefully recall the Inquisition, the Crusades, or even mention the real brutal footage taken by Bandera scum, the recent executions of unarmed Russian soldiers, but I’d rather tell you about what every Chechen is guided by, whether in war or in civilian life. This is Islam.

We do not start a fight without an offer of peace, as our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did. And we have done this since the beginning of the NWO, probably dozens of times. About the attitude of the Chechens towards the prisoners, whether it is cruel or not, the Ukrainian military themselves, who have been in our captivity, will tell you. Moreover, every Muslim knows that an enemy who has pronounced shahada (recognition of Allah as the only God) cannot be finished off or hated as an enemy. And he who has committed repentance must be completely forgiven. It is a shame for a world-famous religious personality not to know about the attitude of Muslims towards the enemy.

Yes, we are zealous in protecting our Motherland, religion and people. We call on the enemy to surrender and our citizens to stand up for themselves. Is this cruelty?

There is not a single alcoholic or drug addict in the ranks of our fighters, everyone is deeply religious. And each of the fighters knows that in war one should not forget about honor, dignity and respect even for the enemy.

And in general, how can you determine whether an opponent is cheerful, gloomy, sentimental or cruel on the battlefield? And how to determine by eye in a combined detachment the nationality of a Russian soldier, if more than 190 peoples live in our country?

The head of the Vatican, of course, will not be able to answer this. He just fell victim to the propaganda and perseverance of the foreign media.