Kadyrov on theologian Magomed Khitanaev…

A well-known theologian in the Chechen Republic and beyond its borders, Magomed Khitanaev.

In his sermon, he emphasizes that the special military operation is aimed at eradicating the damned fascist phenomenon in Ukraine.

Adherents of this vile ideology seized power in the country and for many years tortured their own people. At the same time, their intention to spread this teaching was open and found support in the person of overseas friends. That is why indifference and inaction would inevitably lead us to a great tragedy in our land.

Also, according to Magomed Khitanaev, the Pope of Rome, with his open support, untied the hands of Satanists. He made a number of completely absurd statements in an attempt to justify gay people in terms of religion. The Chechen theologian also emphasizes that gay parades with the participation of children are held in European countries today. In other words, adults, outright Satanists, project this obscurantism onto their children. They are trying to corrupt immature minds, to instill unnatural values into their pure consciousness, referring to religion and science.

According to Magomed Khitanaev, the duty of every believer is to stand up for spiritual and traditional values. And the participants of the special operation are doing their duty – they are protecting the laws of God, the faith and the people.


And Kadyrov is correct and Magomed Khitanaev has some good teachings for everyone…


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