Kadyrov on trusting people…

I thought some people could be trusted. That they sincerely love their Motherland as real patriots to the marrow of their bones. But it turned out that for the sake of personal ambitions, benefits and because of arrogance, people can not give a damn about affection and love for the Fatherland.

I talked with Prigogine, urged him to leave his business ambitions and not mix them with matters of national importance. I thought that he heard me, but it turns out that this anger in him all this time only grew. A chain of unsuccessful business deals caused a deep-seated and long-lasting resentment in the businessman, which reached a peak when the authorities of St. Petersburg did not provide his daughter with the desired land plot. The arrogance of one person could lead to such dangerous consequences and draw a large number of people into the conflict.

I call on all PMC fighters to continue to be sober in their decisions. Think about the future of the country, about your families and children. Such actions can lead to disastrous results. Now everything ended peacefully, without bloodshed, but it could happen. The extreme measure would be the harsh suppression and destruction of anyone who encroaches on the integrity of the Russian Federation.