Kadyrov says about the war…

Valiant warriors from fraternal Ingushetia as part of the Batalkhadzhin Rapid Response Detachment (BOBR), together with Chechen fighters, are on duty around the clock at a combat post in the NVO zone. These guys, like thousands of our compatriots, have firmly decided for themselves that they will not allow Western obscurantism to cross our borders.

They tirelessly ensure that not a single adherent of Neo-Nazism, with all their desire, has the opportunity to step over the protected zone. With firm confidence, we can say that the fighters are doing an excellent job with this overwhelming task. If the enemy is detected, they act decisively and quickly, giving a clear idea to the NATO military that absolutely any attempt to break through this zone is doomed to failure.

I am glad that each of our guys has a clear idea of what they are fighting for. They understand what a threat is hidden under the mask of the notorious Western democracy. We are adherents of centuries-old culture, traditions and beautiful religion, for whom the Western way of life is unnatural.

Taking this opportunity, the fighters call on their compatriots to join this struggle, which, without any doubt, is sacred. At all times, when the enemy unceremoniously encroached on the most valuable thing – religion, history, culture, traditions, the true sons of the people stood in one row to repulse the enemy, who, due to his narrow-minded mind, allowed himself such a thing. And the consequences for him were always deplorable.



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