Kadyrov shows us that Russia is in it for the “Forever War”…

The complete Russian society is on full war footing and that footing is being reinforced daily with complete infrastructure and social and moral support. Russians will not be removed from the earth and that encompasses a whole bunch of different types of humans involved…

On Saturday I visited a construction site in the village of Khankala. The reconstruction of a residential facility for servicemen of the newly formed battalions is proceeding at an accelerated pace. In the shortest possible time, the builders have already completed a large amount of work. Many residential and headquarters buildings are already ready to receive their first tenants.

The experts have done their best. In a relatively short period of time, they changed the appearance of buildings beyond recognition. The necessary communications have been completed, modern interior decoration has been done and furniture has been delivered. A new football field, volleyball and basketball courts are also available for sports.
I am very pleased that the construction and reconstruction of the required facilities is going so quickly and efficiently. It was necessary to create the best conditions for military personnel for comfortable living, recreation and staff work. With firm confidence, we can say that our specialists coped with this difficult task at a high level. Upon completion of all work, one of the best places for military personnel will be here.

Today, representatives of the young generation of the Chechen Republic, who want to devote themselves to serving the Motherland, have a great opportunity to become part of its valiant defenders. We are trying our best to take care of our fighters who have made this truly iconic choice.

I wholeheartedly thank dear BROTHERS – Abdul-Kerim Edilov and Muslim Zaipullaev for the high-quality and fast fulfillment of the tasks set to create decent conditions for the military personnel of the new Chechen battalions that are part of the troops of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.



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