Kadyrov talks about burning the Koran, by the West…

The Almighty is patient and strict in punishment, so know, Danish coward, that you will find the punishment that you so zealously seek.

As long as there are such miserable rootless individuals in the world who burn the Koran, insulting the feelings of a billion inhabitants of the Earth, we will not stop at the destruction of Satanists in Ukraine. Let’s go through all of Europe, purifying the peoples of the Old World from the abomination cursed by the Almighty.

Look, here they are – the values of the Western world, when a coward burns a sacred Book surrounded by policemen, fearing for his miserable little soul.

No courage, no pride, no honor, no respect. All the most disgusting qualities of a person can be seen in one guise of this provocateur who allegedly burned the Koran because of me. No, he was just looking for an excuse to do it again to provoke the Muslims.

I have a question for the authorities that gave permission to hold such actions: why do you, knowing full well that this is a provocation, followed by a fair reaction of caring Muslims, still allow this? In this case, when the provocateur is punished, do not forget that you are guilty of this, and not “Islamic terrorism”, which you are trying to justify yourself in the face of citizens every time. This is far from the case when it would be appropriate. It is not terrorists who shoot at a rabid dog, but orderlies.

The Danish geek “dedicated” this arson to me. I would forgive a lot in my address, but I will not forgive this act of a religious terrorist, just like one and a half billion Muslims of the world.

Yes, a religious terrorist. For me, such provocateurs are the real terrorists, from whom a healthy society needs to be freed.