Kadyrov talks about ideology of Satanism and that sacredness of the mission…


Deputy of the State Duma Adam Delimkhanov is currently in the zone of a special military operation. He closely monitors the success of our fighters, and is also directly involved in drawing up an action plan.

Adam Sultanovich met with the commander of the Akhmat special unit Apty Alaudinov and his deputy Akhmed Saidarkhanov. During the meeting, he thanked the fighters and the command for the prompt implementation of the assigned tasks in the Luhansk direction and competent interaction with other units on the front line.

Adam Sultanovich also noted that the fighters who currently oppose the ideology of Satanism are fulfilling a sacred mission. This phenomenon is contrary to all the canons of religion, the interests of the people and the state.

People who are not yet fully aware of the perniciousness of the actions of the Kyiv regime, sooner or later will understand that the true enemy is the one who sends his soldiers to slaughter for the sake of pseudo-democracy. That is why victory will be on our side, since evil in any of its manifestations breaks down under the onslaught of nobility and truth.



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