Kadyrov talks about the complete nonsense being spewed about the SMO in Ukraine…

Latest reports from Donbass. Soledar direction. Cheerful news continues to come from here from the combat general, hero of Russia, commander of the Akhmat special forces Apta Alaudinov @sovbez95. Any talk about retreat and the like is complete nonsense. Here, our fighters, together with the allied forces, have been conducting offensive operations for several days.

At night, they entered into a dense clash with the enemy. And although the position held by the Nazis was well fortified, they failed to hold it. The devils defended themselves as best they could, only in close combat they cannot do anything sensible.

As a result, another recaptured fortified area, wrecked equipment and a trophy in the form of an infantry fighting vehicle, “hijacked”, by the way, right from under the noses of the confused Bandera at the very beginning of the assault.

I always noted that in close contact the fascists have no spirit to resist our guys. They were not given this. On its front, the Akhmat special forces with their comrades in arms only do what they are looking for a fight with. But so far there is no initiative or activity on our direction from the enemy. They act, as before, predictably.



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