Kadyrov talks about the means, deeds and the will to do what is asked of them…

Then another self-confident connoisseur appeared on the Ukrainian horizon, who allegedly revealed Russia’s sinister plans to seize Moldova and predicted the collapse of the Federation into a dozen countries.

I explain for such experts: you still have to study and study before Russia’s plans. If there is an order from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, we are ready to go even to America, we will leave Moldova far behind. And any such order is not discussed, but carried out. We have all the necessary forces, means and equipment to bring it to life.

Cavalryman Mavlid Visaitov, who was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor, reached the Elbe. And today we are on iron horses, and for us it will be a real holiday.

As for the collapse of Russia, these attempts by the West have been going on since the 90s. Russia’s borders change only when she herself wants it.


By the end of the week, Ukrainian propaganda had noticeably intensified. Several weirdos made ridiculous statements at once. The Nazis from “Azov” and the groups that joined them, threatening to attack the Russian Crimea and seize it, look especially funny. It is doubly ridiculous to hear this from those same Azovites who promised to recapture Mariupol, then promised to hold out to the death, and then went out to surrender with their pants down.

I suggest that the Nazis do not scatter promises and cheap threats (from the basement of Azovstal they tried to scare us with not such horror stories), but simply take one bold step – appear on the front line.

Finally, proceed from words to deeds. Prove what kind of man you are. We are ready to arrive at any specified place and take the fight. Moreover, we undertake to do this with much less means and resources. To fight with the disabled and pensioners, whom you forcibly throw into hell, is not the most interesting occupation for us. But you, Nazi tiktokers, churning out videos with such “brave” soldiers on camera, we will click with pleasure. This is our sacred duty!



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