Kadyrov talks about the mosque, located in the Moabit district in central Berlin, Germany…

I am overwhelmed with feelings of indignation at the heinous and vile incident that has taken place these days in Germany.

The mosque, located in the Moabit district in central Berlin, reportedly raised the LGBT flag. This demonstration was held in front of a group of people, among whom was the head of the department of the German capital for culture. Participants of the dirty action came with posters with the inscription “Love is Halal”.

The so-called imam of the mosque Mo el-Ketab showed himself even more disgustingly, who not only allowed the action, but, moreover, justified it. In addition, this follower of Iblis had the audacity to express the hope that other Islamic religious organizations would follow his example.

Emotions that overwhelm me, there is no limit. It’s hard to find the right words. I cannot understand how the imams of this mosque can call themselves Muslims after all that has happened. And how did the parishioners in general, and indeed the entire Islamic part of the population of Germany, leave this action discrediting our religion without a loud, resonant reaction?! Have you completely lost your mind on the wave of permissive European democracy? With what burden do you intend to appear before Allah? The Almighty destroyed entire nations, mired in the sin of sodomy through natural disasters. Come to your senses, otherwise it will be too late and you will have to reap the terrible fruits of your depraved behavior in cruel agony.

It is you, the Muslims of Germany, who are primarily responsible for what happened in the mosque. Why do you allow vile pandemonium in the House of Allah? You arrange some kind of rallies and protest when something resonant happens outside of the same Germany or Europe. Arrange political rallies or hunger strikes. Here you bit your tongues in the most cowardly way. If you have lost the power of speech from indignation, then it is time to come to your senses and resolutely express your word, harshly condemn the initiators of the past sacrilege. It is strictly and firmly necessary to speak out so that henceforth such disgustingness would not even occur to anyone else.

Otherwise, I don’t know what kind of Muslim you are. Under your nose, all sorts of demons are using the mosque for their disgusting purposes, and you are silent. Russia today in the Donbass, not sparing its lives, is fighting against world Satanism, and you are not even able to stop those who defiantly propagate the LGBT ideology in the mosque alone.

Wake up, wake up, wake up! This is not a harmless action! It’s not “just a flag”! This is an attempt to subjugate Islam under the vile Western culture of debauchery and Satanism!

Just think about it: if earlier they carefully pursued their policy of same-sex relations, now they are so unbridled that they use our mosques for this, they are trying to replace the Muslim religion. But the Almighty will never allow them to do this, but it’s time for you to wake up, otherwise Allah, without any doubt, will wake you up in unbearable hellish torments.

Thank you Kadyrov and you are correct. The issue is that the west worships the Satanic type of life. That is why the western governments have to be isolated, if not destroyed. For they are taking the innocents with them…


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