Kadyrov talks about volunteers…

A new surge of strength is very important in any difficult business. This also applies to the special operation that is being carried out on the territory of Donbass. And I am proud that every week new groups of volunteers come out of Grozny to support our fighters with weapons in their hands. Warriors of good gather in the Chechen Republic from all regions of our vast country.

They have no ulterior motives. Not for the sake of titles and orders, they go to the special operation zone. They choose this path at the call of their hearts. For the sake of peace on earth, for the sake of the people oppressed by the Nazis, for the sake of a brighter future for new generations. Our Fatherland has always been famous for such true sons, true patriots and brave men who do not know fear, fighting to the death for the Motherland. So it was and so it will be!

We saw off another group of fighters from Grozny the day before. My dear BROTHER, Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov addressed them with parting words. He wished them good luck, success, a speedy victory over evil and a speedy return home in the status of winners. I am happy to join these wishes! I’m sure everything will work out!

Любите Пророка, читайте салават!

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