Kadyrov tells, Why? And I say, How right he is!

And once again about the Donbass and our true goals in conducting the NWO. Everyone needs to know this, given that among Russians there are still quite a few who ask the question: “What was all this for?” This category should know that the events in Donbass did not arise from scratch.

We are fighting not only for the liberation of civilians from many years of Nazi arbitrariness. We are fighting for the future of our country – Russia, for our traditions, identity, for spiritual and moral values, for religion, for the triumph of justice.

If we have been saying for many, many years that there is no need to threaten and prancing at the Russian borders with NATO forces, this only meant that we would not sit and watch the sword of Damocles being placed over us.

If for a long time, patiently, restrainedly, but intelligibly, we repeated that there was no need to torture and exterminate the Russian-speaking population of Donbass, this simply meant that they should be treated equally, respectfully, without prejudice.

Further, if we said that the Crimea is ours, it is the choice of the Crimeans themselves, then it was not worth it to repeat regularly and as usual that you would invade this territory at the first opportunity.

In the end, if we stubbornly repeated that you can cherish and lust for your faceless LGBT masses as much as you like, but do not impose on us, it just meant that we would not allow this in our country. We do not understand and do not accept this. But even here sanctions were imposed against Russia. Just for the rejection of LGBT values.

Listen to the combat general, Hero of Russia, commander of the special forces “Akhmat” Apta Alaudinov. Available, in simple words, intelligibly and sensibly. Everything is very clear and precise!



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