Kadyrov: The United States of America is neither an aggressor country nor a terrorist country. It is the mother of aggression and international terrorism…

In the coming months, the West plans to further toughen the information campaign against Russia and try to secure our status as an “aggressor country.” After all, members of one NATO alliance are afraid to blather at America. But they should rub their eyes. After all, America does not know how to be friends, but only to cooperate, but as long as it is beneficial to her alone.

Let’s turn to statistics. Numbers do not know how to lie, and there are enough of them for even ordinary people in Europe and America to understand who can and should be recognized as the real aggressor of the modern world.

I’ll start with journalists. The terrible censorship presented by the West and the lack of a free press in Russia are really nothing compared to what the States are doing with the media beyond their control. If in Russia about one and a half hundred are recognized as foreign agents, then in the USA, attention, – 1700! More than 10 times!

About prisoners. The United States has the highest number of prisoners per capita. And the situation is not changing. Incidentally, the United States still has the death penalty. The whole world knows about the prisoners of Guantanamo, but Western liberals are concerned about rosy problems, they are not up to it.

About 200, and maybe more biolaboratories around the world are open by organizations controlled by Washington. Does America care so much about the healthcare system in other countries? Strange, why then, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, did the States impose a drug embargo and buy up drug manufacturing facilities in various parts of the world? Why do outbreaks of new strains often occur in biolab sites?

As for military aggression, here the numbers again speak for themselves. 750 military bases in 80 countries of the world. Why so many? Here’s another figure: 173,000 US military personnel are deployed in 159 states of the world. Isn’t this the real military aggression in an insidious covert form?
Dozens of secret torture prisons in different parts of the world, the destruction of the civilian population under the guise of reprisals against terrorists, the search for nuclear weapons in Iraq, which was never found, and the destruction of up to 200 thousand civilians in this country. We dig a little deeper into history and recall napalms in Vietnam, indiscriminate bombing and war crimes in Syria, Afghanistan, Kosovo.

The United States of America is neither an aggressor country nor a terrorist country. It is the mother of aggression and international terrorism.

And do not forget which country was the only one in the world to use nuclear weapons in war, and not against enemy combat units, but against its civilian population for a “psychological effect.”



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