Kill the Internet Censorship Bill…

On January 24th the Senate will vote on their version of the internet censorship bill SOPA.  This is our best chance to kill the internet censorship bill.

The problem?  We need 41 Senators to agree not to rush a vote, and right now we’ve got 2.  That’s why we’re asking you to take an unusual step: We need you to request an in-person meeting with your Senators.

Can you ask for an in-person meeting with your Senators? Click here to get started.

Most Senators are home right now for the January recess.  And most–even those who’ve signed on as cosponsors–do not understand these bills and the terrible consequences they’ll have for the internet, the economy, and free speech.  If they’re blindsided by the strength and clarity of our objections, we can bring them over to our side.  The future of the internet depends on it.

If you do get a meeting you won’t be alone– post it to the forums and we’ll organize others to join you.  We can also provide materials and help with preparation.  Leading up to the vote we’ll also be swarming townhall meetings and public appearances, as they’re announced.  But right now, we need to set up these in-person meetings.

Please, click here to ask for a meeting.  We’ve got your back.

We’ve taken the time to ask each Senator’s office the best way to request a meeting.  But we need you to take the plunge– it’ll only take a few minutes.

After you set up your meeting, be sure to share information on the forums. Did you get a date and time for a meeting? Did you learn any other information that will be useful for others trying to set up a meeting?  If you can take on an organizing role, say so.

And please, stay active and keep spreading the word about the need to meet your Senator.  There is an absolute firestorm of news and energy around stopping SOPA/PIPA on the internet, but it’s not always visible to Senators and their staff.

Be visible.  Schedule a meeting. This is our best chance to stop SOPA, and it could be our last.

Thanks for everything you do this month,
–Holmes, Tiffiniy, Donny

P.S. The Reddit community has been an anti-SOPA firestorm.  These meetings are our best hope for beating SOPA, and we think Reddit needs to know about it.  If you agree, help us spread the word on Reddit.
P.P.S. Please use these links to ask your friends to help fill up your local events too.  Everyone needs to know the game plan: schedule meetings, and swarm townhalls.