Lavrov: Decisions of the G7 summit are aimed at double containment of Russia and China…

Decisions made at the G7 summit in Japanese Hiroshima are aimed at double containment of Russia and China, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday during the XXXI Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.
“Look at the decisions that are being discussed and adopted today in Hiroshima at the G-7 summit and which are aimed at double containment of Russia and China,” the minister said.

According to him, “the task was set loudly and openly: to defeat Russia on the battlefield.” However, the diplomat believes that the West does not intend to stop there, but dreams of “eliminating the Russian Federation as a geopolitical competitor.”

At present, the Russian minister also noted, everything that is happening around Ukraine “accelerates the transition to a multipolar system.

Lavrov noted that “Washington used the Ukrainian crisis to consolidate its camp.” But this “consolidation still rather resembles the total subjugation of everyone else to one’s will” and gave birth to a fault line “between the collective West and the global majority – the countries of the global South and East.”

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But, the minister stressed, among the leaders of the countries of the global South there are many who are ready to defend their interests there too, “perhaps without making too loud statements, but in practice they are ready to resist the dictates of the West, which is becoming more and more intrusive, more and more aggressive, including blackmail and threats.

Actually, Lavrov believes, any country that claims some kind of independent place in the world scenario will also be suppressed as a competitor.
Earlier, Beijing criticized the G7’s new efforts to interfere in China’s internal affairs.



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