Lavrov has been a active boy lately. I believe he is happy to finally say what is on his mind about the west…

Lavrov: The choice we are making now is facilitated by the fact that the collective West has declared a total hybrid war on us. And it is difficult to predict how long all this will last, but it is clear that everyone will feel the consequences without exception. We did everything to avoid a direct collision. But once the challenge is thrown, we, of course, accept it. We are no stranger to sanctions, they have almost always been in place in one form or another.
What is surprising is the absolutely barbaric, Russophobic surge that has occurred in all so-called civilized countries. Political correctness, decency, rules, and with them legal norms are simply discarded, the culture of abolishing all Russian is applied, any hostile actions against our country, including direct robbery, are allowed.


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