Lavrov: West Can’t Be Trusted To Negotiate or Respect Intl Law…

Lavrov: West Can’t Be Trusted To Negotiate or Respect Intl Law

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov has reiterated Russia’s aims to protect Donetsk & Lugansk residents from Kiev’s “neo-Nazi regime” at a presser in Oman, where he’d discussed energy links and relations between Moscow & Muscat. Here are some key points:

▪️Special operation hopes “to stop West’s attempts to undermine intl law, ignore and grossly violate UN Charters, including principle of sovereignty, and force West to stop promoting unipolar world dominated by US.”

▪️“Russia interested in all civilians leaving special operation zones in Ukraine; aim to ensure West will not build military threats to security of Russian from Ukraine.”

▪️“Russia absolutely does not want war in Europe, but it’s West that says necessary to defeat Russia. Main conclusion is not to rely on plans of West to negotiate.”

▪️“West capable of committing crimes against its own principles to establish hegemony, including open theft and robbery.”



PS: You have to ask, “Why does the USA want to destroy Russia?”

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