Lets Talk About Iran Today – From Russia!!

While I was drinking my morning cup of wonderful coffee and looking over e-mails and comments that I got during the night. I came upon an e-mail that threatened my life. This threat was over the fact that I am not smart enough to understand that Iran is a terrible, evil country and that Iran should be destroyed and all her people sent to Hell! I was told that I need to go with them {exact words were, minus cuss words of course, (“Kyle you need to die with the Iranian Scum!”)} – all because I do not condemn Iran…

So in light of this wonderful e-mail, I am going to do another Iran post. This post will have two videos. One by Russia Today and the other one of these videos is by Ron Paul. I put the Ron Paul Video in because as he says: Iran has not done anything that is unlawful. We knew about this Secret Nuclear Plant since 2006. Iran is the ones who told the world about the Secret Nuclear Plant and this was in accordance to the rules by announcing 6 months before start of production of producing nuclear fuel… (Iran is with in the guidelines that they are to follow!) The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has never found Iran at fault with their Nuclear Program…

I have no feelings of love for Iran. I do not want to see any more countries get nuclear weapons because the ones that have them need to get rid of them.

But I will say as I always do: “We reap what we sow!” and America by her sneaky ways has created virtual time bombs all over the word. Now America wants to tell other countries what they should do and should not do.

Example of “Reap what we sow!” – Just look at Israel and many multiples of nukes… (Iran does!)

Windows to Russia!
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PS: By the way the only story that you will get from Western press is that Iran broke the law! That is not true the law that they are talking about was explained in Ron Pauls video and it is an issue that does not apply to Iran any more. In fact the issue of this law was because America let the ball drop so to speak… (Watch the video with Ron Paul and you will see.)