Libya, NATO and a Deadline Coming Up…

Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy are in a pickle for this war to finish by the end of this month of August. You see Nato’s extended deadline expires before you know it and is possibly not to be renewed. So it will leave them totally out in left field as they continue their interfering in a Libyan civil war…

We will see in the next couple of weeks a significant increase in the military activities of NATO led nations, more missiles will fly, more armament will be parachuted in across borders to the rebels…

This will ultimately achieve the one lone objective. Kill Gaddafi (or drive him away at least), but to achieve this we will  have destroyed Libya, killed many thousands and will see more death as the rebels show their true side to Gaddafi supporters and anyone else they don’t like. This will end up as a disintegrating chaotic country with its infrastructure put back decades if not more.

Cameron of Britain has shown how shallow his thought process is, this was supposed to be his crowning military adventure but as he said to those in the military who criticized him  — You do the fighting I’ll do the talking!

Obama showed a lack of understanding on Libyan war; The war will last days, not weeks.  (A video)

And Sarkozy decided that killing Libyans by the West is a much better fate than dying by their own people in a civil war: “Today we are intervening in Libya under the UN mandate with our partners and notably our Arab partners. We are doing it to protect the civilian population from the murderous madness of a regime that in killing its own people has lost all legitimacy.”
Nicolas Sarkozy (protect? Did he really say protect as we bomb Libya into the stone age?)

You all (Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy) look kinda silly and hence when politicians look silly they do dangerous things. Hence the total lies being bred about the situation in Libya…

Will NATO keep up this senseless killing and bombing?

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