Litvinenko Case Three Years Old and no Closer to Being Solved?

Remember Litvinenko? The ex Russian KGB that defected to the West and was murdered? (They say he was murdered.)

Well – it has been three years since former Russian security officer Aleksandr Litvinenko died of polonium poisoning in London and that seems to be the end of the story. The simple fact that he died of polonium is about the only true statement that can be upheld in anyone’s book. The rest of the so called facts and statements have all been falling to the wayside.

This very month – Scotland Yard’s case against Lugovoy sustained a huge blow. A German court dropped its legal action against another Russian, Dmitry Kovtun, who was suspected of transporting the polonium-210 that Britain believed was used to kill Litvinenko. (They are saying dropped because of lack of evidence.) Kovtun has now been given access to the evidence that was to be against him.

“Already now we can see a lot of inconsistencies. If we study carefully all the documents and discrepancies in this case, it will help us to prove the guilt and to show to the world that the Russian party had nothing to do with that,” Kovtun said.

This issue now brings into focus – How strong is the British evidence? MP Mike Hancock, chairman of Britain’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Russia says:

“I sometimes wonder if the evidence is as strong as what we suggest it is. I’d like to think it was because the whole country is being led to believe that the evidence is so overwhelmingly patently easy to prove. Then we should try it and see if we can convince the Russian judicial system of the merits of the case. If we can’t, then let’s be honest enough to say we can’t!”

I remember well the hate emails and comments of death and destruction over these articles that I recieved. People at the time had no doubts that Lugovoy killed him and if you questioned the facts you where attacked from all viewpoints…

Links below are the articles that I did since the beginning of this case. I will stand by my thoughts: I think that Britain has been barking up the wrong tree all this time. But they were led to that tree by the ones who really did the killing! (Time to chase other cats up other trees.)

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