Looks like Russia Still Wants to build a Tunnel to North America

The project of a multipurpose tunnel under the sea bed of the Bering Strait between Russia’s Far East and the USA, Alaska has been given the green light at least by Russia. The tunnel which is necessary for the connection of transportation systems of Eurasia and America is estimated at almost $100 USA billion. It is being reported on Russian news that the USA has given the green light to start the gears in motion over this tunnel…

The tunnel is part of almost a 7,000-kilometre corridor from Siberia into the United States includes a 100-kilometre tunnel under the Bering Strait. It will be more than twice as long as the underwater section of the Channel Tunnel between the U.K. and France. The undersea tunnel would contain a high-speed railway, highway and pipelines, as well as power and fiber-optic cables…

I have written about this before and to Russia this is a real and worthwhile project. But I never see proper interest by the North American side. Maybe this is that interest. It would be cool to travel all the way to America by car… 🙂

Link to an article that I did several years ago. Link >>>

Kyle Keeton
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