Looks like Russian Jet Engines just took off…

Tidbit Time:

Jet engines had been made in Ukraine. Ukraine decided to cut their throat and not allow Russia to have access to their own technology with and about jet engines years ago. Bad move on Ukraine’s part…

MOSCOW, December 15. /TASS/. The MC-21-310 passenger jet fitted with Russian engines PD-14 has completed the first flight, the press service of Rostec corporation said on Tuesday.

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“The maiden flight of the MC-21-300 airplane fitted with new Russian engines PD-14 was made on December 15, 2020 at the aerodrome of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant,” Rostec said.

Engine operating modes, aircraft stability and sensitivity and functioning of all airplane systems were tested during the flight.

Source: MC-21-310 airplane with Russian engines makes first flight – Business & Economy – TASS

Russians do not cry and whine, they just start over and do better. Just like in the space industry and such as with missile development…

Russia just keeps advancing and going around the obstacles that are tossed at it by the west and her entourage…


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