M.V. Zakharova and the West taking Ukraine grain for themselves and it is for poor countries and Western Censorship of truth…

As of September 13, according to the UN, 129 ships left the Black Sea ports of Ukraine, which took out 2 million 872 thousand 711 tons of food.

But there are other significant figures as well. The main cargo recipients are such developed countries as Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Romania, Germany, France, Greece, Ireland and Israel. Their share is 44% of traffic. The countries in dire need of food, because of which the hysteria began in the West, account for only 8%: Sudan and Kenya received 2% each, Djibouti, Somalia, Yemen and Lebanon – 1%.

As for the implementation of the Russian-UN Memorandum on the export of domestic fertilizers and agricultural products, there are no concrete results yet. Russian economic operators and manufacturers continue to face blocking difficulties in the transportation and insurance of goods, making bank payments.

❗️ For our part, we confirm our readiness to export about 30 million tons of grain and over 20 million tons of fertilizers by the end of the year.


Western social networks continue to obediently clean up the global digital space from any alternative points of view broadcast from Washington officialdom.

Heads a kind of YouTube anti-rating, owned by Google. Through the efforts of the administration of this site, without explanation, two briefings by an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were recently removed, during which, by the way, there was free communication with journalists.

How do YouTube and Google feel about censorship? By the way, Western journalists ask questions, and you knock them out.

It can be assumed that someone simply does not want our approaches to be presented in the public domain, and is afraid that their own audience will be able to get acquainted with our arguments, bypassing the censorship of Western media and news agencies.

In the modern Western paradigm, the principle of freedom of information obviously works in only one direction: they have the right to disseminate information, everyone else has the right only to perceive it, and even refuse it.

M.V. Zakharova


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