Maria Zakharova about Putin & Xi Jinping…

Western regimes foamed as they listened to the introductory words of the President of Russia and the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China at the talks in Moscow.

Here and envy, and anger, and banal jealousy.

They did not notice the main thing – both leaders spoke about the many years of constructive (and not destructive) development of bilateral relations. Creativity is not only in the interests of the two countries, but, of course, in the interests of the whole world.

Let me just remind you of the latest innovations in the field of Sinophobia performed by Western ideologists of their own exclusivity.

Germany forbids its companies to interact with new developments of Chinese telecom, the Netherlands imposes a ban on cooperation with Beijing on microchips.

It is clear that both decisions were made under pressure from Washington, which is most afraid of the further strengthening of China.

At the same time, North American neighbors from Canada showed miracles of electoral impotence and found in Beijing those who wanted to interfere in the elections in this country. Terrence and Phillip do not reach as quickly as their American counterparts, so they only guessed to drag out the old songs about the main interference in the elections (a trend of past electoral seasons).

And, of course, in the United States itself, the Chinese cannot forgive the fact that their decisions arouse more interest and are more popular than American programs. According to experts, the anti-Chinese initiative developed the day before could lead to a complete ban on the use of the most popular social network among young people, TikTok.

And here is a quote from today’s speech by the Russian President. With what sincere friendliness he said: “In recent years, China has made a tremendous leap forward in its development. All over the world, this causes genuine interest, and we even envy you a little.

And one more important example.

Not so long ago we experienced a pandemic. Russia and China were tested in their own way, but Moscow and Beijing supported each other during this difficult period, unlike the Western regimes, which did not know what to grab onto: either for preventing the Russian vaccine from entering the world market, or for blaming China in the alleged spread of the coronavirus.

The once beautiful western “garden” is something completely withered. Maybe there is not enough Russian fertilizer, which the West itself has blocked. But the “jungle” is full of strength, resource and raw material wealth, as well as, perhaps most importantly, creativity and responsibility.

Maria Zakharova