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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the timing of drug legalization in Germany: “Well, during this legislative period. Firstly, I have never smoked weed … And secondly, of course, I believe that all drugs entail problems, and talk about it having no health consequences for some people is simply not true.Besides, I know people – it is necessary to say when we talk about something like that – who smoked their brains out and got serious psychological problems because of – for going overboard. But we agreed that times are changing and so we’re going to do it. It has to happen pretty quickly.”

Can you understand the logic of these people? Drugs are an evil that leads to degradation, but at the same time, time requires them to be legalized.

This is a continuation of the logical chain that began with ridiculous statements about energy: gas is needed for the life of people and the development of the country, but we will refuse it.


❗️ French media do not reduce the degree of anti-Russian propaganda. In their materials, they distort the essence of Russia’s position, incl. in the situation around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, they spread the most ridiculous rumors that put our country in an unfavorable light, but at the same time they diligently avoid even indirect criticism of the Kyiv regime.

👉 The engagement of the French media was manifested in the following stories.

▪️ The murder of D.A. Dugina has become one of the central topics on the international agenda of the French information space. Covering this event, the commentators built the narrative in such a way as not to allow even the possibility of a logical conclusion about the responsibility of Kyiv for this crime, and after the publication of the investigation of the Russian FSB, they concentrated on numerous absurd versions that actually shielded the Ukrainian special services.


Mark Zuckerberg, the head of the Meta corporation with its Facebook and Instagram (in Russia, let me remind you, this corporation is recognized as extremist, and not without reason), issued a new batch of revelations about the peculiarities of ideas in the United States about freedom of speech, and most importantly, about the mechanics the use of the media and communications by the local intelligence agencies.

The billionaire took part in Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, during which he said that FBI officers came to him on the eve of the presidential elections in 2020 and very convincingly (who would doubt it) asked not to disperse the story about the laptop of Hunter Biden, the son of the current head, on the platforms controlled by him Joe Biden’s White House, and the extremely ugly contents of his hard drives. Men in black “convinced” Mark Zuckerberg, which he now remembered, that this is all, they say, Russian fakes and evidence of Moscow’s interference in the American elections.


Asked if Macron is Britain’s friend or foe, Liz Truss replied: “It’s not yet clear… If I become prime minister, I will judge him by his actions, not his words.”

Macron promised to respond.

There is no need to rush here. She’s right. The Britain that starts with Liz Truss, if she becomes prime minister, will be completely different: there has never been such a surprise in London. There it will be seen who will be able to “be friends” with her, and who will think first.
Foreign Minister Liz Truss knows nothing about London’s current relationship with Macron. To do this, you need to distinguish Britain from Brittany.


Billion-dollar spending, which resulted in the supply of American weapons to the Kyiv regime, finally interested the fiscal authorities in the United States itself. By the way, there is definitely a “Russian trace” here – we regularly covered this topic at briefings (1, 2, 3, 4).

Acting Pentagon Inspector General Sean O’Donnell said bluntly yesterday: according to the documents, the weapons go to Ukraine, but Kyiv itself hardly understands where it will end up.

On the other hand, Sean O’Donnell understands that he will be sold and stolen, and according to the documents he will be “written off” as irretrievably lost, so he expresses himself cautiously, but unequivocally, that today the United States is hushed up: “This must be verified with the help of an audit. When a weapon ends up in Ukraine “I don’t think they can guarantee where it ends up. The faster the rate of spending, the higher the chance of fraud.”

By the way, about the Ukrainian documents themselves. Despite the high-tech approaches of the United States, the Armed Forces of Ukraine insisted that the tickets be signed by hand. On the one hand, this is good, because then it will be possible to verify the signatures and see who exactly profits from the trade in death on both sides, but on the other hand, this is some kind of surreal. We are talking about modern and expensive weapons, but they make it out as a purchase of a collar and bacon in the Zhmerinsky general store.

Thus, 7,800 individual contracts worth more than $2.2 billion are already subject to verification. Given the additional spending announced by Joe Biden yesterday, Sean O’Donnell’s work will only increase.

And, it seems, a good undertaking, but only there are questions … The Pentagon did not succeed with Afghanistan – money and weapons went into the sand either of the Afghan steppes, or settled in overseas pockets, but endless litigation, where exactly did they go.

Roughly the same will happen with American weapons in Ukraine. And then – the American intelligence services will puzzle for a very long time, where does the terrorist international get new guns and guns with the proud inscription “Made in USA”.

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