Maria Zakharova talks about the longer more expensive path of EU oil…

British journalist and writer Ross Clark (please do not look for a Russian trace in his name) published an investigation in the English magazine The Spectator on where London takes oil from after the embargo on Russian hydrocarbons was introduced. He titled his material questioningly: “Do Russian sanctions work?”: “We [Britain] are at the end of the European pipeline, which is fed by Russia in the east.”

Accustomed to the fact that he is in the center of the world, a subject of Her Majesty, it is soberingly useful to look at the picture of reality from this point of view. Indeed, Europe and, especially, Britain are only on the periphery of the energy “heartland”, and its origins are in Russia.

But back to the article. Ross Clark analyzed the latest statistical data from the British Office for National Statistics. According to the figures, it turns out that London has significantly increased its oil imports from Belgium. Everyone knows these famous Belgian boundless oil fields – wells from Bruges to Liege … Or is “Belgian oil” still Russian oil from accumulated reserves, which Brussels sells to England at exorbitant prices?

In addition, Ross Clark is confident that part of Russian oil comes through secondary imports, in particular, India. Clark believes that the black gold passes through the Indian refinery in Jamnagar. That is, Russia still receives income from the sale of hydrocarbons, only now the British citizen also pays the Indians from above. Considering that England owes India an unrequited historical debt, this is how London should act in the future.

Ross Clark, in his article, does not answer the question “Do Russian sanctions work?”, leaving it rhetorical.

And I will answer: of course, they work – against citizens of the EU countries and Britain.

Maria Zakharova


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