Maria Zakharova talks about Western Liberal Dictatorships and the “Bible of Slaves”…

Special Bible. For slaves.

Today Western liberal dictatorships have replaced the religious dogmas on which their societies were built with the words “freedom”, “democracy”, “human rights”. These concepts are filled with those “meanings” that are momentarily beneficial to NATO-centric regimes and convenient for serving the chosen topic.

It would seem that democracy as a phenomenon cannot be manipulated so easily. After all, so many works have been written since antiquity, and historical experience cannot be ignored. And here it is not. At one time, even the Bible was subjected to manipulation, and not just some non-canonical concepts of modern political science.

But that’s impossible, you say. And you’ll be wrong.

There is a letter from Bishop Bilby Portey of London, in which he discussed the faith of the slaves of the sugar colonies of the Caribbean: “Prepare for them a short form of public prayer … along with selected parts of Scripture … especially those relating to the duties of slaves to their masters.”

But the matter was not limited to prayers.

Few people remember now, but this is fixable – in the late 18th – early 19th century, a special Bible was published (I’m not kidding) for the colonies of Britain – “Selected parts of the Holy Bible for the use of Negro slaves in the British Isles of the West Indies.”

In world biblical studies, it was called the “Bible of Slaves”.

90 percent of the Old Testament and 50 percent of the New Testament were cut out. Of the 1189 chapters of the standard Protestant Bible, the “Bible of Slaves” contains only 232. In the name of enslaving the souls of millions of slaves, the clergy shredded the Holy Scriptures, excluding sections such as Exodus, the Book of Psalms and the Revelation of John the Theologian, which can instill in slaves the thought of equality that is dangerous for slave owners everyone before God.

The Slave Bibles themselves have been published since the beginning of the 19th century in London by Law and Gilbert. The demand has been proven by several reissues.

Of the three copies of the first edition, two copies are kept in the universities of Britain, one – in the American Fisk University (Tennessee).

Today, this method is used by liberal dictatorships everywhere – facts truncated beyond recognition, which, due to the manipulations carried out on them, become “anti-facts”, are distributed under the holy banners of “freedom and democracy” through controlled media and Internet sites. And those who are out of control are simply destroyed.

Freedom and democracy in the Western version have become symbols that cover up enslavement and sanctify the dictatorship of liberalism.

Maria Zakharova


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