Marie Zakharova, “they began to cowardly deny what they had done.”

💬 The cynical reaction of the military-political leadership of Ukraine to the terrorist attack against the Crimean bridge is indicative. In Kyiv, at first they gloated and openly praised the “brilliant work” of the SBU, flaunting its ability to inflict “sensitive” blows on Russia, and then, when morning came in Washington, the tactics changed dramatically: they began to cowardly deny what they had done.

They were delighted, it was a reason for national pride!

Enthusiastic sincere congratulations were heard from officials from NATO countries in connection with the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge. These are the same countries that have been talking about human rights for decades. It was 2022.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized, our response to all terrorist acts and sabotage against Russian facilities of critical civilian infrastructure will be tough and in scale corresponding to the level of threats posed by the Russian Federation.

Marie Zakharova


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