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Coffee-iconI have over the years talked about the US intervention in Ukraine…


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and checking on the rumors that America was messing around in the Crimea again. If you ever had any doubts that the USA was messing around in Ukraine then let those doubts be cleared up.

“In December 2008, Ukraine and the U.S. signed an agreement on defense and security cooperation, as well as the development of economic, trade and energy ties in the region. Under the terms of the agreement, Ukraine allowed the U.S. to open an office in Simferopol.”

Now lets get to the heart of this matter. Simferopol is the capital of the Ukrainian autonomous republic of Crimea. This means the Crimea is like South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia.

That is not a good thing and it seems that Ukraine has every intention of causing an issue in a Republic that wants to be free from Ukraine. Most of the Crimean’s have Russian passports and have very close ties to Russia.

So what does this all mean? It means a lot of political tension that is not necessary and will help destabilize the area. Ukraine seems to have lost any common sense lately and by allowing the USA to open up a diplomatic office in Simferopol creates this type of problem:

“Crimean demonstrators had a bonfire on Wednesday at the Capital of Crimea. A Uncle Sam dummy was set aflame during a protest rally against Ukraine plans to open a U.S. diplomatic office in Simferopol, (the capital of) the autonomous republic of Crimea. The dummy, with a model cruise missile in each hand and the words U.S.A. written on it, was covered in petrol and set alight as hundreds of people attended a protest rally in front of the republic’s upper house of parliament.”

It seems that the Crimean’s feel that America will only be there to spy and help undermine the Black Sea Fleet Base.

Guess what? They are right!

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Windows to Russia…

PS: I hope on one of our many trips to the Crimea and Ukraine, that they don’t think I am the American dummy…

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For years I have been telling about the Crimea and what will happen if the west continues to push Russia around…

The head of the State Duma committee on CIS affairs, Alexei Ostrovsky, said in April that Russia could reclaim the Crimea if Ukraine was admitted to NATO. Media reported that President Vladimir Putin issued a similar threat during a closed-door speech to NATO leaders at the Bucharest Summit earlier in April.

and this…

As I live amongst the Russians, I have come to conclude that there are several areas that are still considered Russian! The Caucus Region, The Crimea and The Black Sea are just a few. When you talk about areas like these, many Russians just automatically consider them Russian.

and this…

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and checking on the rumors that America was messing around in the Crimea again. If you ever had any doubts that the USA was messing around in Ukraine then let those doubts be cleared up.

and this…

Ukraine demands Russia to give 72 hour notice on Black Sea Fleet movements. Ukraine passed a bill announcing that Russia must……. “restrict Russian warships at the leased military base at the Black Sea port of Sevastopol, saying the vessels` movements were subject to Ukrainian approval.” (Bad move Ukraine)

Ukraine to increase rent for Russian Fleet by up to 25 times. From January 1, 2009, the Ukrainian leadership is planning to up the rent for the Crimean territories where Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is stationed…… (Can some say, Stupid move?)

Why would Ukraine do this?

My only thought is that they want to lose the Crimea……

In Moscow, coverage of Georgia has so far drowned out the rumblings in Ukraine, but some Muscovites are clear where they stand…

“No one in my circle —and they’re rather well-educated— would say the Crimea is Ukrainian territory.”

What is happening in the world is not a surprise and is totally the west’s doing and fault. The red lines were drawn years ago by Russia and stepping over them by the west triggered the reactions that are happening now…

I have said before, “Russia does not bluff…”

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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America has reconfirmed the desire to continue the political meddling in the gas industry in in attempt to disrupt the business. This was already well known in Russia but ignored in the Western world. It will be interesting to see if the EU can show any independence from the Washington bull and circle of influence. Is the new EU presidential team, a political puppet of the , or a free thinking independent body?

It seems that the US just has lots of extra money to throw around on more foreign bureaucrats and more pointless underhanded escapades.

Why does America care about the /Ukrainian gas ? (Nabucco alternative this has been the main objective of USA foreign policy since 1989)

Yuschenko has just received more billions of dollars in support from the best public relations US firm that money can buy.

Is this America’s part of ’s election campaign to stir up the issue of gas in Europe? (With out a doubt it is.)

Why would Yuschenko miss such a wonderful opportunity to create destruction? (He will not win the election so he might as well finish taking the country down the road to ruin and get as rich as he can from it…)

So as I watch the protests continue about UCLA raising tuition 32% and watch students being arrested – I also watch our government take billions in American tax dollars and pour them into foreign countries political games, instead of helping our kids get a reasonably priced education… Sad

Windows to Russia!
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I have a hundred articles talking about such issues and I have first hand have seen what the American Embassy is doing in Ukraine. The article below tells the facts after a trip to the American Embassy in Ukraine…

In Russia the American Embassy is 180 degrees the opposite direction. Give me the Embassy any time. Low profile and less flash is an attribute. The same job is accomplished with a whole lot less overhead.

One thing that stood out to me was the political undertones from the American Embassy in Ukraine that infiltrated into the section. America is and has been buying the Ukraine government for some time now. Biden just bought and paid for Ukraine’s help to rearm Georgia. That is a No – No and should be stopped. American politics need to stay out of Ukraine or any other country for that matter…

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truthYears ago I told everyone what was happening and I was ostracized. I was attacked by the power of the US government in many forms, but I kept telling the truth and still tell the truth…

Wake up people…

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