Me Thinks – 1: By Paul Wen…

Me thinks that USA will have cheat elections for president this time. Maybe last time it was also but who knows?

Me thinks Russia and China will be close together!

Me thinks burning Koran by US is very hurtful to international standings! Much worse than most things!

Me thinks India needs to become its own person and peak at the East side!

Me thinks Pakistan is upset at some things and that is not good!

Me thinks Russia has asked Pakistan to build a $1 billion pipeline to Iran by Gazprom with finance and that is a good thing!

Me thinks that will upset USA!

Me thinks that China is a nicer place than most! 😉

Me thinks that China smiles as Chinese fashion designer Jason Wu, Jason Wu, of the discount store (Target) for the “target” design of cheap cheap clothing and even President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle were wearing cheap Chinese clothes last weekend in which a printed jumpsuitdress to attend a public information activities in Florida. (Thank you!)

Me thinks China owns USA and Europe but we have not owned Russia yet!

Me will have more thinks later and I will get better at them!

Paul Wen

The views of the above author are not strictly the views of Windows to Russia. They are an independent view from an outside source and country that brings a better light on the world in general and Windows to Russia is pleased to have Paul Wen’s article on its pages today. He wants to make a regular Me Thinks! It is hoped that we will have many more of his writings in the future…

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